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Al Davis

Founding Board Member

Al was born and raised on a family ranch in Hyannis, NE, coming from a long line of individuals engaged in local and state government through the years. Al served in various capacities while living in Hyannis, including stints as president of the local chamber of commerce, treasurer and later president of the school board in Hyannis, member of the local tourism committee, founder and artistic director of the local community theatre, and founder of the local arts council. He was also a founding member and treasurer of the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska.


Al was elected to the Nebraska legislature in 2012 and served for four years, representing Nebraska's most rural legislative district, which comprises 21% of the state's geographic footprint. He was one of the founding members of Nonpartisan Nebraska and served as its first chair. He resigned from that position to run for Lt. Governor alongside Senator Carol Blood.


Al is also a registered lobbyist focusing on environmental issues and serves on the governing boards of the Nebraska Farmers Union and Voices for Children.

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