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Jeffrey Randall

Board Member

Jeff is a lifelong Nebraskan from Omaha. He has Bachelors in Journalism & Biology from the  University of Nebraska – Omaha and a Masters in Environmental Science from Alaska Pacific  University in Anchorage, AK. 

Jeff worked as an Environmental Scientist in both Alaska and Nebraska, helping clients with large construction projects navigate environmental regulations and minimize impacts to natural  resources.

After returning to Omaha from Alaska in 2014, Jeff was inspired and fascinated by the many  efforts to revitalize and redevelop the City’s historic, urban core. He made the shift from  Scientist to Commercial Real Estate Developer. Jeff has worked on the redevelopment and  preservation of many iconic, historic buildings in Omaha.  

Jeff has provided real estate development consulting services to for-profit and nonprofit  organizations, including many nonprofits providing vital services in the Omaha and Lincoln  Metros. Jeff has guided organizations through the development of more than $300 Million in  commercial real estate across the United States.

Jeff has had a profound sense of pride in Nebraska’s unique system of government since first  learning about it in elementary school. Jeff witnessed his first Legislative floor debate in Middle  School on a class trip to the Capitol. His appreciation for Nebraska’s nonpartisan Unicameral  system has only grown with age.

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