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Dr. Ryan Foor

Board Member

Dr. Ryan Foor lives in Seward with his wife and children.  He has a background in education and lived and worked in four different states; uniquely, only one of those states has a unicameral legislature!  Upon coming to Nebraska in 2015 and starting work in state government, Foor came to learn the aspects of the Nebraska Legislature that set it apart from other states, particularly the hearing process, rules related to leadership elections, and caucusing.  Foor believes that a nonpartisan legislature allows for the focus to be on the issues and not on a political organization.  Additionally, he recognizes that the structure of the Nebraska Legislature is such that state senators are able to have professional staff, gives citizens an important voice and direct access to the process (through hearings), and promotes the ideal of small government.  


Dr. Foor is a Registered Parliamentarian and believes that individuals can make a positive difference when they know the history and context of how and why organizational rules and policies are in place.  While every state that Foor has lived in touted how it was different, Nebraska truly is special in how the state legislature is organized and operates.  As a board member of Nonpartisan Nebraska, Foor seeks to educate and inform Nebraskans on these unique properties with an awareness of how the unicameral is woven into the fabric of the state.  

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