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Laurie Sinner

Board Member

Laurie joins our team, inspired by Senator George Norris' vision for a nonpartisan Unicameral Legislature in Nebraska. She aims to uphold the founding principle of limiting partisan influence in our state's legislative decisions.

Originally from metro Kansas City, Laurie brings with her four decades of expertise in human resources management. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business, specializing in communications, in 1977. Laurie began her career as a Personnel Assistant at a nonprofit hospital, eventually rising to the position of Director of HR for rural hospitals. Although retired, she continues to serve part-time as the Site Manager for the George Norris Historical Site under History Nebraska. Her role aligns perfectly with our mission, as she educates various audiences about Senator Norris and his legacy of public service.

Politically independent, Laurie prioritizes comprehensive research before making any voting decisions, although she leans moderately to the right. She is committed to advancing the historical significance of Nebraska's unique Unicameral legislature and plans to contribute articles to Nonpartisan Nebraska’s blog and website.
Additionally, Laurie is no stranger to nonprofit board service. She sits on the board of the The Norris Institute, which focuses on enriching rural communities, and the High Plains Historical Society in McCook, NE.


Her previous roles include serving as Volunteer Coordinator for Trails West CASA and as a member of Brule Villagers. She has also been a dedicated volunteer for various professional and service organizations, notably receiving the Silver Beaver Award from the Denver Area Council during her decade-long involvement with the Boy Scouts.

Laurie is happily married, a mother of two adult sons, and a proud grandmother of three.

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