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Cindy Maxwell-Ostdiek

Board Member

Growing up in a small town in western Iowa, Cindy learned the value of hard work from a young age while working at their family-owned business. Cindy has lived in Omaha for over thirty years and has a career background in human resources, recruitment, and sales. She currently works from home alongside her husband, Fred. They own a small business offering financial and insurance services for banks and credit unions across the country.

Cindy and Fred are extremely proud of their three children who attend Millard Public Schools. They are involved with many extra-curricular activities including music, sports, service projects, and spending time with friends. They keep us on our toes! Cindy believes in service, rolling up her sleeves and getting to work for her neighbors and community. She volunteers with many organizations, including The Foodbank for the Heartland and OneWorld Community Center.

Cindy is President of Rank The Vote Nebraska, a nonpartisan election reform group founded in 2020 that advocates for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), which allows voters the option to rank candidates in order of their preference: first, second, third, and so forth.

Cindy previously served on the founding incorporation committee for Nonpartisan Nebraska in 2020 and was a member of our initial Advisory Board. She has also proudly volunteered as a Nonpartisan Election Observer through Civic Nebraska. She is a student of the Nebraska Legislature and an advocate for increasing participation of everyday Nebraskans as the Unicameral’s “Second House.” Cindy previously ran as an independent to represent District 4 in the Nebraska Legislature.

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