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About Nonpartisan Nebraska

Nonpartisan Nebraska was established in 2016 and officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit in 2020. Currently operated by volunteers, our organization comprises a politically diverse group of Nebraskans from various backgrounds.

Our mission is to preserve the nonpartisan structure of the Nebraska Legislature through public education, providing resources to lawmakers and legislative staff, and promoting political science, historical, and rules-based research focused on our unique one-house institution.

Our Values

Transparency: We maintain openness and honesty with our stakeholders, donors, media, and, most importantly, the people of Nebraska.

Integrity: We steadfastly adhere to and advocate for the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct.

Inclusion: We actively engage and value the varied experiences of Nebraskans to collaboratively address Nebraska’s partisan challenges.

Tradition: We tirelessly work towards safeguarding Nebraska’s historical tradition of nonpartisanship and political innovation.

Civic Engagement: We empower Nebraskans with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective civic participation.

Our Focus

Education: Nonpartisan Nebraska provides resources to schools and communities, empowering Nebraskans with the knowledge and skills needed to actively engage in democracy. Our educational initiatives highlight Nebraska's story of embracing nonpartisanship, showcasing the transformative power of democratic reform and the significant role each individual can play in creating positive change. 


Legislative Support: We offer resources and research to lawmakers and legislative staff, preserving institutional memory and promoting the nonpartisan process. Our work helps uphold the integrity of Nebraska's legislative system and ensures the smooth functioning of the Legislature.


Parliamentary Research: At Nonpartisan Nebraska, we prioritize research on Nebraska's unique unicameral system. We bring together experts from diverse fields to explore the one-house body, fostering a deep understanding of its structure and processes. Through our research, we preserve institutional knowledge and contribute to the ongoing support for nonpartisan governance.

Our Public Policy Goals

We strive to:

1.  Uphold the unicameral structure of the Nebraska Legislature.
2.  Safeguard and promote the use of nonpartisan rules within the Legislature.
3.  Research and disseminate the rich history of the Nebraska Legislature to lawmakers and the public.
4.  Advocate for the continuation and growth of nonpartisan election reforms.
5.  Campaign to reconsider or extend term-limits for Nebraska lawmakers.
6.  Expose the influence of money in elections, term limits, and polarization on the Nebraska Legislature.
7.  Recognize and elevate the role of nonpartisan voters in civic society.

Join us in fostering the principles of nonpartisanship in Nebraska. Together, we can craft a future that honors our past and inspires our present.

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