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Nonpartisan Nebraska is a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the belief in the power of representative democracy and Nebraska’s use of a one-house, nonpartisan legislature. Our mission is keep the Nebraska Legislature nonpartisan.

​We believe the Legislature should be easily accessible and understood by all Nebraskans, that the historic rules and procedures of the Nebraska Unicameral provide a path for issue-by-issue collaboration amongst lawmakers, emphasize the influence a single lawmaker can have without top-down partisan representation for the People of Nebraska, and ultimately that the People, not political parties, should control our Legislature. As former U.S. Senator George W. Norris of McCook, Nebraska once said in a 1934 speech titled "The Model Legislature:" "To get good government and retain it, it is necessary that a liberty-loving, educated, intelligent people should be ever watchful to carefully guard and protect their rights and liberties."

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Sign our petition 

Keep the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature Nonpartisan. 

Nebraskans across the political spectrum and from every registered political party have signed. 

Sign the petition to protect the unique one-house legislature, protect the nonpartisan values it beholds, and preserve the use of the secret ballot in leadership elections. 

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